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The Myth us. Reality

There is a lot of confusion about home ownership in Mexico. There are no 99-year leases. The government can not take over land. Here are the facts... 

Mexican citizens own property in much the same way it is done in the US. Title is recorded at the local municipal offices. For non-Mexican citizens, the laws of Mexico established a mechanism where title is placed in a trust called a Fidecomiso. The Trust is registered as the legal owner. The Fidecomiso has a trustee, normally a large bank, that acts as a fiduciary on behalf of the homeowner who is the beneficiary of the trust. This mechanism is virtually identical to trusts established in the US to avoid probate where assets are placed in the trust and controlled by a trustee for the benefit of its owners. The homeowner has complete control over the trust and can sell or transfer the property at any time. The Trust is established for 50-year terms. The Fidecomiso, through the Trustee bank, adds a layer of security because the Trustee is charged with the responsibility to make sure all the paperwork to record ownership is done properly. This is how billions of dollars of property is owned in Mexico.

For Trust services, Rancho Del Mar uses Bancomer, one of Mexico's largest banks. You can have confidence that the legal structure and paperwork has passed the scrutiny of the most experienced real estate experts in Mexico. It is this standard of excellence that sets Rancho Del Mar apart.